TwinCities – December 2016: “Alumni” Meeting

December 2016 Our Annual Alumni Reunion Meeting

This years version was a “doozy” as we double dipped on Pat’s 20 years of survivorship AND her retirement from active leadership of the support group that she and Helen Burg started 20 yrs ago. Even with REAL winter weather over 40 people were in attendance !! With the BIG SURPRISE being  Dr. Martha Lacy’s (Mayo Clinic) appearance to Pat’s total surprise and …. everyone else’s delight !!!

Our December meeting tradition is to encourage as many of our long term survivors to attend and share their journey(s) with the rest of the group. Pat, along with with another member, represented survivors of over 20-years.  There were 2 more over 15-years, followed by 5 in 10 to 15 year group, and quite a large showing in the 5 to10 year bracket. Of major interest were the the 6 people who were either newly diagnosed and/or attending their first group meeting!

All in All a rewarding meeting and wonderful attendance.

SPECIAL THANKS to: Jennifer Feinberg (Celgene Rep.) for her major help in planning this event; Heather Spencer (Takeda rep) for her much appreciated assist in providing our refreshments and the beautiful birthday cake for Pat, Sue Petola and Don Wright for researching our Group History.


Fred Sulzbach

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One Response to TwinCities – December 2016: “Alumni” Meeting

  1. Barbara Davis says:

    Congratulations to Pat, both for her tireless leadership of the Twin Cities group and her 20 years of fighting myeloma.

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