Stillwater – February 2017: Lunch with Friends

On February 8th, 2017, the Stillwater Minnesota Multiple Myeloma Support Group met at Gulden’s restaurant in Maplewood for a delicious lunch and patient sharing time.

The group was very happy to welcome back members of the group who were recovering from stem cells transplants.  These members received their transplants at either the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis or the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and seem to be doing well.  The group was also very happy to welcome back a myeloma patient who recently had a liver transplant at the University of Minnesota.

There was a discussion about different options used to treat peripheral neuropathy as so many patients deal with this very uncomfortable and debilitating side effect of myeloma and the associated treatments.

Group leaders announced that the International Myeloma Foundation will conduct a regional community workshop in Edina, MN, on June 10th with location and times to be announced.  

Representatives from Celgene will be our guest at the March 8th meeting.  They will be speaking on Labs and Testing.  The meeting will take place at the Family Means Center, 1875 Northwestern Ave., Stillwater, MN, from 1-3 p.m.

– Bev Culy

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