Stillwater – March 2017: Understanding Lab Tests

The Stillwater, Minnesota Multiple Myeloma Support Group held their monthly meeting at the Family Means Center on March 8, 2017.

Much of the discussion during the patient sharing time centered on peripheral neuropathy and the continuing search for an effective treatment.  One patient is now using medical marijuana in attempt to alleviate some of the devastating symptoms but noted that this treatment is not covered by insurance and can be quite costly to the patient.  A second patient who is receiving treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester has found some relief after receiving several IVIG infusions.

Julie West of Celgene was the featured speaker at the meeting discussing patient lab testing.  Julie did an outstanding job of explaining the various blood tests that myeloma patients receive on a regular basis and what each different test is looking for in the myeloma patient.

The next meeting will be on April 12th when Lee Ann Greavu, a nutritionist/dietitian from HealthEast, will be the guest speaker.

– Bev Culy

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