Stillwater – April 2017: Eating Healthy

On April 12 our speaker was LeeAnn Greavu.  LeeAnn is a clinical dietician/nutritionist with the Healtheast system and has a particular interest in working with with cancer care patients.  Among the subjects she discussed was maintaining a diet with balanced nutrition, the importance of cancer patients eating regularly – even if they don’t have an appetite, “Clean & Dirty” foods (foods with pesticides), the benefits of probiotics and prebiotics, and replacing bad fats with good fats.

Among other points mentioned:
• Do what you can to make your immune system stronger.
• Don’t introduce bad bacteria; stay away from buffets.
• Eat fresh, not old, foods.
• At the time of transplant your immune system is compromised so don’t expose yourself to any bacteria – even normally beneficial ones.
• Too much of anything isn’t good. Don’t take many times a recommended dose of vitamins or minerals (USRDI).
• You’re more likely to be deficient in minerals than vitamins.

Click HERE to download .pdf versions of the handouts which LeeAnn shared during the meeting.

– Gerry Landy

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