Stillwater – May 2017: Transplants & Social Work

On May 10 we were joined by Brady Voigt, LICSW, MSW; Transplant Social Worker at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester.  Topics covered by Brady were:

1) Long-term financial impact of multiple myeloma — available resources
• Short & Long term disability.
• Supplemental Security Disability Income (SSDI) from Social Security.
• State Medicaid
• Returning to work (if possible)
• Ageism in the workforce
• Termination of “sick” workers
• Medical bills, prescription drug costs.

2) Adjustment to illness and coping — how to keep living with the diagnosis
• Living with the diagnosis and the initial treatment
• Coping with a transplant
• Recognizing and dealing with physical changes
• Quality of life changes
• Relationship changes
• Relapse

3) What is grief and loss and why does it matter to patients with multiple myeloma and their caregivers.
• Psychiatric and adjustment disorders 14% to 35%.
• Developing your resilient qualities; optimism, support groups, exercise, more

4) Caregiver anger and frustration
• It’s not just about the person with the disease

Click HERE to view or download a .pdf copy of Brady’s slide presentation.

 – Gerry Landy

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