TwinCities – March 2018: Understanding Your Lab Tests

On March 10 a large and lively group convened in the Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital Heart & Vascular Center’s Auditorium to see the presentation “Understanding Your Myeloma Lab Tests” given by Melanie Smerillo; MSN, RN, PHN Clinical Nurse Educator with Takeda Oncology.  An hour-long presentation followed by a freewheeling Q&A covered the following topics:

An overview of the Immune system and Multiple Myeloma
The Goals of Lab Tests
– Diagnose disease
– Determine severity and spread/stage
– Monitor disease progression
– Effectiveness of treatment
– Evaluate prognosis
Factors that may effect lab results
– Gender, age, race
– Medical history and general health
– Diet, or specific foods
– General
– Difference in technique used at lab
Lab tests used for Multiple Myeloma
A booklet titled “Understanding Multiple Myeloma Lab Tests” was distributed, the presentation included a review of these labs.  It is a great booklet, it has normal values, an area to record their labs and a description of each lab with a picture. A .pdf copy of the booklet can be downloaded directly from the Takeda website HERE as well as a quick glossary of Myeloma terms HERE.

– Gerry Landy

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