You Are Not Alone!

If you have been living with Multiple Myeloma; whether you are newly diagnosed or a long-time survivor, asymptomatic or with bone damage, sufferer or caregiver, you are not alone.  The Myeloma community is strong, informed, and involved.  Even the most experienced veteran can find battling Myeloma daunting but why fight that battle alone?  Come to a support group meeting and you will find that there are people who have already lived through whatever you’re enduring now.  Take advantage of their experience and share what you’ve learned with others.  Most of all don’t be afraid to ask questions… that’s how we all grow stronger.

March is Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month: Did you know that myeloma is the second most common blood cancer? Or that it affects an estimated 750,000 people

worldwide? Okay, you may know all about Myeloma, but do your co-workers, friends or neighbors? Now’s your chance to clue them in. Click on the following link to view the resources the IMF has available to help you spread the word about the disease we know all too well: IMF Multiple Myeloma Awareness Page.

Minnesota Officially Recognizes Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month:

The Office of the Governor, the Minnesota House of Representatives and the Minnesota Senate have declared a proclamation and have adopted  resolutions officially recognizing March as “Myeloma Awareness Month in Minnesota”.

Thanks go to Governor Mark Dayton and his staff (click here to view enlarged proclamation); for the Senate resolution, Majority Leader, Thomas M. Bakk, Chair-Senate Committee on Rules; Senator Richard Cohen, who proposed the resolution, and JoAnne M. Zoff,
Secretary of the Senate.  (click here to view an enlarged Senate resolution);

while for the House resolution thanks go to Speaker of the House, Kurt Daudt; Majority Leader and

Chair of the Rules & Legislative Administration, Joyce Peppin; and Deputy Minority Leader, Erin Murphy, who proposed the resolution
Click here to view an enlarged  House resolution).



Minnesota’s Support Community:  Minnesota is the home of two internationally recognized leaders in Myeloma research: The Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota, along with many other hospitals, clinics, and cancer centers which, not only treat Myeloma, but also take part in trials.  Along with these institutions we also have very active support groups.  Their locations are:

Twin Cities (St. Louis Park)



Fairmont Area

All of the group’s meet once a month on different dates except the Fairmont Area support group which meets every other month.  Please visit each group’s web page to see what they’re up to this month.